Rogate Neighbourhood Plan

Welcome to the website for Rogate Neighbourhood Plan. You can learn about the Plan, why it is so important and, crucially, what you can do to help write it from the various sections of the website. Various committees made up from volunteers within the Community will be consulting as widely as possible with you all over the coming months before drafting a Neighbourhood Plan sometime in 2014.

The Plan is intended to develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood, choose where new homes and other developments should be built, identify and protect important local green spaces and other key assets for the Community as well as to influence what new buildings should look like.

The process will be overseen by an independent Steering Committee and will look at various local issues such as housing, affordable housing, business and employment within the Parish, getting about the Parish, our Community life and living environment as well as particular local issues such as facilities available for the young and old. The Plan will also cover traffic and access issues that are relevant to these topics. The Plan is not a Parish Council document but will be submitted to the Council to ensure it is compliant with other Local Plans before being voted on in a referendum at the end of next year.

The Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity put forward your views in a framework document that will establish guidelines for all development within the Parish for the next fifteen years. The more individuals and sectors of the Community who contribute to the document, the better the resulting Plan will be our Community.

So please take a look around the site, see the ideas, provide us feedback and then use this site to let us know your views.

At any point and with any feedback, please feel free to email us at